Enrollment Requirements

Enrolling students must provide a copy of their High School Diploma or General Education Diploma (GED).

Enrolling students must provide 2 references (Personal & Professional).

Enrolling students must be able to read, write, and speak the English language to at least an 8th grade level for successful completion. Any student enrolling for training must be able to lift a minimum of 30 pounds and able to stand and walk for extended periods of time.


Prospective students must complete the Registration/Enrollment package. The student is subject to a background check. Any student that is found to be convicted of a felony, will not be allowed to enroll/continue in the program. Acknowledgement and adherence to policies, guidelines and other directives is required throughout the program.


To be accepted into Columbia Hands of Hope Nursing Assistant Program, each applicant must understand and meet the following program acceptance standards and verify such by signing this ENROLLMENT APPLICATION. Failure to meet and accept these standards will result in an admission denial:


1. Applicant MUST BE PHYSICALLY ABLE to bend, kneel and lift at least 30 pounds and be able to stand and walk for extended periods of time.


2. The applicant should not be in the third trimester of a pregnancy. Any pregnant applicant assumes all risks and indemnifies the program from any liability. All pregnant enrollees must have a medical release from their physician at the time of registration. Students who register without disclosing pregnancy will not be permitted to continue.


3. Applicant MUST NOT HAVE any known allergies to latex, vinyl, acrylic, synthetic foams, alcohol, menthol, sanitizing chemicals, detergents, or any other chemicals, material types or products commonly used in medical facilities that would pose a major health or life-threatening reaction.


4. APPLICANT MUST BE ABLE TO COMMUNICATE CLEARLY USING THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE due to its exclusive use by the instructors and its predominant use by medical teams and medical facilities. This includes the ability to understand written and spoken English plus the ability to speak clearly, to be clearly understood, to read written English and to write clearly using the English language. All aspects of the COLUMBIA HANDS OF HOPE NURSING ASSISTANT PROGRAM use ONLY the English language for all communications, including the textbook. By signing this application, applicant self-proclaims that their English language skills are proficient to meet the demands of the course and accepts sole responsibility for that decision.

5. Applicant must be able to work with and interact competently with other people in a team setting.


6. Applicant must possess a valid social security number and be legally eligible to work/train in the United States.


7. Applicant understands and agrees to take a 2-step Tuberculosis test and the result should confirm a NEGATIVE TB status. This test result must be signed by a licensed medical professional.  If done outside of Columbia Hands of Hope the test should be performed/dated no more than 9 months prior to the start date of the course and must be signed by a licensed medical professional. A "positive TB result" or any in-progress TB medication treatment (ABT) will result in an admission denial.


9. Applicant must have NO felony or misdemeanor pending charges or prior convictions in ANY state involving ANY sex related crimes or ANY crimes related to: murder, attempted murder, assault, battery, kidnapping, abduction of a minor, aggravated menacing, aggravated robbery, grand theft, patient abuse, patient neglect, Medicaid fraud, insurance fraud or any pending charges or convictions involving the abuse, neglect or harassment of a minor or elderly person or person who was in your entrusted care. ANY pending charges or prior convictions involving cocaine, crack, heroine or methamphetamine will result in an admission denial.


9. Applicant agrees to have a national criminal background check  completed with the results delivered to this Program by the performing agency.



If the results of this background check confirm compliance with the requirements as stated above, then the applicant/student WILL NOT be contacted by Columbia Hands of Hope Nursing Assistant Program regarding the results.


10. Applicant acknowledges they understand that ATTENDANCE IS MANDATORY ON THE FIRST DAY OF CLASS AND AT ALL CLINICAL PHASE TRAINING SESSIONS, and that ONLY  FOUR (4) TOTAL HOURS of pre-clinical training can be missed. If greater than 4 total hours are missed, the applicant understands that they will be denied further training and their Student Contract may be terminated. Reinstatement into the next available course requires payment of a $150 fee by the applicant plus the Program Administrator's approval. This reinstatement option must be requested within 45 days from the student's last day of attendance.


11. Applicant acknowledges and understands that no alcohol or marijuana use will be accommodated during any aspect of the training due to Program compliance with Federal laws. Any person deemed under the influence of marijuana, drugs or alcohol will be terminated from the program and the Board of Nursing will be notified.


Nurse aide programs prepare graduates for employment; credit for this training may not transfer to another institution. No credit from previous course(s) will be accepted for this program. Enrollment and completion in this program does not guarantee employment.

Completed paperwork MUST BE EMAILED to cna2015@yahoo.com